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Welcome Performing Arts Studio Owners!


Running a studio for the performing arts is not for the faint of heart, especially with global events such as a COVID pandemic. 

You love your students. 

You love your craft. 

It seemed like such a good idea. 

Now you have demanding parents.

Bills to pay.

Teachers quirky personalities and schedules. 

Sam & I are co-founders of a growing performing arts center. The studio launched in 2004 and we took over management in 2010. We watched the 2009 economic crash. Recently we fought through the COVID pandemic and figured out how to thrive. 

Sam is the studio's Executive Director, and is steering our ship through the crazy town time we're going through. I manage the programs, schedules & teachers. Together we a pretty good management team!

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What Can You Expect from Us?

We're here to support new, small to medium sized studio owners. You'll get

  • social media content to help you run your business

  • a private facebook group for studio owners to support the business end of the studio

  • Blogs discussing studio functions and trends within the industry.

  • Various programs to build systems on a scale right for you. 


Meet the Yoder

We are that crazy couple who are together 24/7. We share a desk. We drive to the studio together every day. 

I spent 8 years in direct sales where I learned to compartmentalize work while juggling many different balls in the air at the same time. Direct Sales taught me many of the skills I use on a daily basis in the studio. Through the years we have been at Allegro, I have trained with several social media trainers and in studio management for performing arts studios. We have taken the trainings and incorporated them into our studio. 

Sam spent 35+ years in the medical field, managing both solid departments and helping struggling departments become successful again. He has always had dual careers - medicine and music - and has combined his love for both in Allegro. You'll be learning more about this through our blog. 

Sam is my rock and my sidekick. He has encouraged me every step of the way as we pull this little gem together. 

We are Mimi and Grandpa to 6 grandkids and Tante and Uncle to triplet nieces and a nephew. We live with 2 dogs and 2 cats on 6 acres of country property. 

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